4 Healthy Eating Habits to Practice Everyday

Have you been hitting your fitness routine hard but still not seeing your desired results? You may not be fueling your body correctly! Continue reading to learn four healthy eating habits that will help you on your fitness journey.   Eat Healthy Food Many of the packaged foods we buy today are aimed at convenience and involve the minimum of preparation time on our part - but they're not that healthy.   Avoid food that contains high amounts of preservatives, man-made colorings and other added chemicals.    Get into the habit of preparing meals from unprocessed foods and you will reap the health benefits.   Eat Whole Grains Whole grains offer far more nutrients and fiber than their refined "white" varieties.   And in a 2012 study at the University of Copenhagen, researchers found that overweight people who ate wholegrain wheat products lost more weight than those who ate refined wheat, and they also came out with lower cholesterol.

Use Healthy Cooking Methods

Avoid things like deep-frying, which drenches your food in unnecessary calories, and boiling vegetables until they're drained of color, as this will sap them of nutrients.     Use Correct Portion Sizes

In today's super sized world, it can be hard to know what a healthy portion looks like. So it's little wonder that many of us consume more than we need on a daily basis, as our eating habits have changed without us even realizing it.


Try to use healthy portion sizes with each and every meal. You’ll be surprised by the results!   Need some more direction? Contact us today!