Four Scientifically Proven Ways to Stay Motivated

Have you ever started a fitness program or started working out regularly only to quit after a couple weeks? If you answered yes, don’t worry… You are not alone! Many people start working towards their fitness goals, only to lose motivation before they achieve their desired results. Here at Top Shelf Supplements, we do not want that to be the case for you.  Continue reading to learn four scientifically proven ways to stay motivated!


Fitness Motivation Made Easy

Keep a Visual Reminder

A visible reminder such as a Post-It note telling yourself, "You've got this”, is the perfect mental cue to increase motivation! Your brain will log that as a cue for you to return to that habit.

Find a Workout Partner 

Science doesn’t lie, working out with a partner is proven to be a highly effective motivation booster. But don't choose just anyone, you need to workout with someone that will hold you accountable!

Change Your Workouts Up

Experts agree that nothing kills motivation faster than boredom. Change up your workout routine frequently to avoid losing motivation!

Reward Yourself

Ditch the whole "cheat meal" concept entirely and realize moderation is key.

Instead, consider rewarding yourself in ways that feel both healthy and indulgent. It can be a spa day, sleeping in, a movie, etc.  Whatever is healthy and makes you feel good about yourself!

Do you have any other tips for staying motivated? We would love to hear them! Drop your motivation methods in the comments below!